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Blondes have more fun… But fake blondes lose their hair Ryan Gosling

Look who’s lightened up.

Ryan Gosling was spotted in Upstate New York yesterday on the set of his latest movie, The Place Beyond the Pines, sporting a new bleached blond look!

The formerly brunette actor plays a tatted-up, bad-boy motorcycle stunt driver in the crime drama.  Ryan might be worried about doing motorcycle stunts in the movie, but he should also be worried about his new golden locks falling out.

It’s true that bleach can make your hair fall out, but not for the reasons you might think.  Bleach is a powerful chemical that breaks down pigmentation and protein molecules.  No other chemical can lighten hair as much or as quickly as bleach.  Hair dyes can only lighten four levels higher than the base color of hair and stops forty minutes after exposure to air, where as bleach is not limited.  Even though hair dyes are limited they can still do just as much damage to your hair as bleach.

There are four types of hair dye:

  • Gradual: is a progressive dye applied over time to achieve a desired shade
  •  Temporary: can be washed out in the next shampooing
  • Semi-permanent: stays through multiple washings
  • Permanent: doesn’t wash out and is the most popular hair color type

Obviously, permanent hair color causes the most damage.  Permanent color chemically alters and binds to the hair weakening the hair shaft causing the hair to be dryer and more brittle.  Bleach also causes the hair to be dryer and more brittle because it removes color, leaving it white or yellowish white.

The damage caused by bleaching and coloring can be minimized by using conditioning shampoos or conditioners that contain silicone.  It is best to wait AT LEAST four weeks between treatments.  Frequent color changes may cause irreversible damage to your hair, including split ends.  To maintain the color change or highlights  affected you only need to re-dye or highlight the hair at the roots when new hair grows.  Hair on the scalp grows about 0.3mm to 0.4mm per day equaling typically  a little more than a half of an inch per month.


Rob Lowe has gray hair?!? Don’t let your hair do the talking…

What does your hair say about you? For most people it reflects greatly to how they are viewed by other people.  Recently for instance, Rob Lowe‘s hair and appearance looked older as he prepares for his new Hollywood role in the upcoming Lifetime network movie, “Untouchable.” For this role he dyed his hair gray to take on a more maturer appearance.  In the May 2011 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, he was on the cover looking as hunky as ever, but with gray hair…. I’m left feeling disappointed, I mean come on…. he’s Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe isn’t suppose to look old!

Hair says a lot about a man’s age.  Hair color, density, style, or lack of hair all together play a part in how old you look to other people.  Let’s refer back to Rob Lowe as an example.  Rob is not the only famous actor in his family, he has a younger brother named Chad Lowe.  In a flashback to the 80’s, the two brothers are pictured below enjoying their youthful good looks.

Now flash forward back to 2011, as time went on Rob was able to maintain his hair density and appearance for a younger look, while Chad was not. Even though Chad is 4 years younger than Rob, his receding and thinning hairline make him look like the older brother.

We all love Chad and we don’t mean to pick on him, but how can Chad go back to looking like the younger brother? Is there any hope he can regain a more youthful appearance? The good news is absolutely with new hair restoration technology and surgical procedures.

Irvine, California hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Ken Williams of OC Hair Restoration Center, recommends “that Chad thinks about surgically restoring his frontal hairline, temporal points, and anterior forelock.”  He adds, “Chad is a young active male. He would have a better experience  and outcome with the “no scar hair loss surgery” called FUE using the NeoGraft device. Outside of surgical restoration he also needs to have a daily medical hair restoration program using Rogaine, Finasteride, and  Laser Cap therapy.”

Hair loss speaks for itself. Don’t allow yourself to lose that youthful look or appear older than your older brother.