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Celebrity Female Hair Loss: Tabatha Coffey Uses Viviscal

Recently actress Reese Witherspoon publicly announced she uses Viviscal to protect her hair against thinning. Actress Finola Hughes  stated in an interview, “Either the stress or the hormones had a huge effect on my hair and it started to come out in clumps, and I lost a lot of the front volume of it. I didn’t know what to do.”  She has since started taking Viviscal and  has become the public spokeswoman for Viviscal’s hair care and medication line that aids in growing healthier and thicker hair.

Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Ken Williams of Irvine, California says, “Viviscal is a scientifically based product that helps decrease thinning hair. ISHRS physicians and myself have been recommending it for sometime.  It is a natural dietary supplement and safe for both men and women to use.  As a physician, I support Viviscal as a science based product with clinical studies  supporting its use for promoting hair growth.