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FUE Technology Workshop 2012

Dr Ken Williams of The Irvine Institute of Medicine & Cosmetic Surgery is honored to attend and speak at the FUE Technology Workshop and Hands on Experience in Denver, Colorado on August 4th and 5th.  The workshop is sponsored by The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and Hair Sciences Center of Colorado for hair restoration surgeons from beginner to advanced, who desire the opportunity to learn about mechanized FUE devices. There will be live FUE surgeries demonstrated by Dr Williams and other FUE practicing surgeons, as well as hands-on training and lectures.

Faculty and devices that will be covered:

James A. Harris, MD – ARTAS
Robert H. True, MD, MPH – Motorized sharp punch FUE system
Ken L. Williams, DO – Neograft
William D. Yates, MD – Powered SAFE System for FUE
John P. Cole, MD – Feller Motorized FUE punch
Scott Boden, MD and Bradley R. Wolf, MD – Hands-on lab/silicone models with various instruments
Ken Washenik, MD, PhD, Clinic Host


Automated FUE Hair Restoration: Patient Results

36 year-old male came into The Irvine Institute of Medicine & Cosmetic Surgery concerned about hair loss in his frontal hairline.  2000 grafts using Automated FUE technology were recommended to recreate and lower the frontal hairline.  2021 grafts were harvested from the donor site and transplanted to the frontal hairline.  The pictures above show the dramatic difference at only 7 months post op, with final surgical results at 12 to 18 months.