PRP STUDY-Female Hair Loss Research Grant Award

The International Hair Research Foundation (IHRF) in partnership with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), recently announced at the 2012 ISHRS annual scientific conference in the Bahamas, their research grant to advance medical and scientific study in the field of trichology.

The recipients of such award are Dr. Carlos Puig of Houston, Texas; Dr. Ken Williams of Irvine, California; Dr. Robert Reese of Edina, Minnesota; and Dr. Matt Levitt of Maitland, Florida. The research grant is to fund the study the effects of human derived Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) on hair growth in female patients.

The ISHRS Scientific Research, Grants, & Awards Committee awarded the grant based upon: intended goals; hypothesis; relevance and importance of research; other preliminary studies in the hair restoration surgery field; experimental design; academic and professional affiliation.

The title of the clinical research receiving this award is entitled, Pilot Study On The Effect of Autologel Platelet Rich Plasma Injections On Hair Growth In Patients With Female Pattern Hair Loss. The pilot study is prospective, double blinded, and placebo controlled and part of a multi-site study evaluating the effect of PRP upon the growth of the hair follicle in women with Ludwig II Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL).

Dr Ken L. Williams of the Irvine Institute of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery-OC Hair Restoration is seeking to enroll female patients that meet certain criteria in this medical study who suffer from hair loss. Hair restoration surgeons in the western United States wishing to enroll their patients are encouraged to inform their patients of such study.

There is no cost to the patient and no reimbursement is available for enrolling in the study. The study potentially benefits all patients enrolled, because if there is a demonstrated significant difference between the placebo and study group, all patients in the placebo group will receive without charge PRP therapy to induce hair growth.

The inclusion criteria are: 1) Female Gender, 2) At least 18 years if age, and 3) Ludwig II FPHL diagnosed by history, physical examination, and either biopsy or strong family history of female pattern hair loss.


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